The lazy person’s guide to

The lazy person’s guide to a quick website review

When’s the last time you reviewed your website content with a critical eye?

Whether your site is fairly new or has been up and running for years, the start of a new year is the perfect time to take stock of your content and make sure that it’s meeting your objectives. Are you ranking well on Google? Attracting the right kind of traffic? Enjoying a decent conversion rate?

There are plenty of companies out there like Yoast who offer comprehensive website reviews (sometimes called website audits). But if you’re keen to DIY, the following tips to a quick website content review will allow you to spruce up your website yourself.

Create a website content spreadsheet
Okay, so this doesn’t sound like much fun… but I promise you’ll find this a hugely useful tool.

Make your way through your website, copying and pasting each unique URL into column A of your spreadsheet (e.g.,, etc.). Then, create additional columns to record information about each URL including the page title, meta description, date of last content update, key messages, links to other pages, and any other details you’d like to capture. Voila, you now have an easy-to-read overview of your entire website!

Trim the fat
Web writing should be simple and concise. Include your most important information first and keep your word counts to a minimum. Focus on making your homepage content brief and providing useful headings and links to your products and services to help your readers find the information they need.

Kill all crappy content
Sometimes, an urgent need to send a page live means that there’s not always time to polish the content – and a not-quite-finished page enters the world. That’s life… but when this happens to you, make sure you revisit the content as soon as you can to sort it out.

You’ll know the pages of your website that you’re less than happy with. Fix them, or get a professional (like me!) to help you out! Remember, crappy content equals a crappy website.

Check for calls to action
A compelling call to action on each page of your website is non negotiable. Now that you have the reader’s attention, what do you want them to do? Your call to action might be ‘contact us’, ‘get a quote’ or ‘join our mailing list’ – whatever it is, make sure you’re asking your visitors to take action.

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